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As the use of this Portal involves recording full/personal details of children, every effort must be made by the user to keep the data secure at all times. This will include:

  • Keeping the username/password details secure. Passwords must not be stored written on a piece of paper, a sticky note, calendar or any other stationery on or near one's desk. It must never be placed online or anywhere where it may be accessed or viewed by others.

  • NOT using the portal in a public place where details may be seen by un-authorised persons.

  • NOT leaving computer or other device un-attended when logged into the Portal.

  • NOT allow anyone else to use their login name and password to access.

  • Logging out of the Portal securely using the Sign Out button when not in use.

  • Informing us immediately when a Portal user leaves the setting so that the account can be de-activated.

  • Informing us immediately If you think your account has been compromised (hacked).

  • Where a generic email address is used for the Portal user account, it remains the Provider's responsibility to control their staff access to that email.