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Privacy Notice

To enable you to use this portal, we need to collect some personal data for your family members. To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, we try to make sure the information we collect is correct and isn't an invasion of your privacy.

Where we don't directly provide the service, we may need to pass your personal data onto the people who do provide the service. These providers are obliged to keep your details safe and secure, and use them only to fulfil your request.

The document called "Privacy notice for pupils in schools, alternative provision and pupil referral units, and children in Early Years settings" provides more information about the data we collect, and how it's being used and who it's being shared with.
For more information, click here to read the document.

All information will be held securely and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Further information regarding the use and storage of parent/child data by Leicester City Council can be found using the links below:

NOTE - As part of applications for 2yr old Funded Education Entitlement (FEEE) or 3-4yr old extended FEEE, the Applicant should be aware of the following:

(b) Receipt of one of the prescribed benefits required for funding will be checked by the local authority with the appropriate government departments (HMRC, DWP and Home Office)

(c) Any entitlement or change in entitlement status will be shared by the local authority with the school or childcare setting that the child attends.

(d) Data may be used to ensure accuracy of records across the local authority and to prevent fraud.

The data collected as part of an Early Years application will be used to carry out eligibility checks for Funded Early Education, and the Early Years Pupil Premium. Any parent who wishes to withdraw consent for their data to be checked can contact the Leicester City Council in writing using the details supplied in the Contact Us option shown on the portal. However this will result in the Local Authority being unable to carry out checks on your behalf, and extra funding may be discontinued.